The 3 Step Blueprint to Longer Drives


If you're not hitting EVERY drive over 285 yards right now, this course is for YOU!

Let's face it, being the short hitter in your foursome is embarrassing.

Not only is it humiliating, but it makes the already hard game of golf even more difficult.

But, what would your game be like if you had a WEDGE into every hole?

You maybe thinking to yourself that you're just too old, or you don't have the strength.

I'm going to prove both of those things wrong and show you how I have students in their 70s who are still CARRYING the ball 250 yards in the air. 

It's very simple science.

You don't need any special physical gifts, you need:

  • the knowledge to know how to optimize your equipment
  • optimize your launch conditions
  • and how to increase your club head speed.

I'm going to teach you all three.

Ray Wyvil had this to say about the course:

"I'm hitting it 30 yards further on average, but on my longest, I've hit it 40 yards past my best drives ever on my home course! Awesome!"

Introducing the Step-by-Step Guide to Bombing Your Drives! 

how to hit driver farther

How was this course developed?

Imagine doing nothing but hitting drivers for a full summer. Then imagine doing it all on a launch monitor while testing over $30,000 in the latest equipment. Wonder what you'd learn after a summer like that? That's exactly what I did and I share all my secrets with you that lead to me hitting my longest driver ever - 408 yards - TWICE!

how to hit driver

What are you going to learn?

First, I'm going to give you a Masters Course on equipment. The secrets I learned will blow your mind - and it's something the manufacturers DON'T want you to know. Second, I'm going to teach you how I took my average clubhead speed from 112 to 124 mph and how I got up 129 mph max! Finally, you're going to learn how to create the ideal launch conditions to hit your longest drives ever! 

Ready to Start BOMBING Drives?

Today could be the day you hit the longest drive of your life!