Dramatically improve your ball striking in less than 2 weeks

LIVE Interactive Training to make you a more consistent and overall better Golfer


Dramatically improve your ball striking in less than 2 weeks

January 18th-29th, 2022


  • (4) LIVE BOOTCAMP SESSIONS with Master Instructor, CHRIS TYLER - $500 Value
  • (1) 1/2 Hour RotarySwing Academy: LIVE Credit to use w/ any RSA:LIVE Event of your choice - $58 Value
  • BootCamp 24/7 On-Demand Video Playback - $99 Value

Total Value $657

Due to Pre-Sale Demand - only a limited number of seats are left.


Reboot Your Golf Swing in Only 12 Days

Golf can be a challenging game at the best of times. Some days, we feel like we can't lose. And some days, every shot we hit seems to go off into the trees or land in the water.

The most frustrating part is figuring out why. There are so many different golf tips out there. If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried every single one. Ever wonder why they don’t work? 

It’s because the more you think about it, the more you get into your own head. That’s what I call “swing thoughts.” 

You’re not golfing by feeling. You’re not trusting your body to swing naturally. You overthink things because you’re so overwhelmed with all the different (often contradictory) golf advice you hear from all sides.

AXIOM BootCamp: One simple solution for your game!

At RotarySwing, I’ve developed the AXIOM program to help golfers deal with information overload. Instead of trying a hundred or even a thousand different things, AXIOM members focus on teaching their bodies what a good golf swing feels like. 

Then, we practice the same fluid swing movements through drills until it becomes second nature. That annoying voice in the back of your head? It’s gone. With RotarySwing, you learn to trust your body.

This BootCamp is different

A totally unique approach to golf instruction


Get real, live instruction from golf experts. Have a question? Just ask!


We record each class, so you can rewatch as often as you want.


The only BootCamp to combine DEAD Drills with AXIOM.

Are you ready to shave 4 strokes off your game?

This LIVE BootCamp is completely different from any other online golf tip, course, or instruction.

Let’s face it: any of us would be better golfers if we could practice 8 hours a day. The pros make this their full-time job. But for most of us, we have work, families, and other commitments. 

It can be hard to keep going. Teaching programs that last months (or even years) can really help, but they’re a lot to commit to. 

The AXIOM Live BootCamp is a totally different experience. It’s 12 days of commitment. You have to practice every single day. 

But it’s only 12 days. You can do something for 12 days, right?

At the end of the 12-day BootCamp you’ll have all the fundamentals you need to lower your score. 

Brand new, never-before-seen golf training

Using the new AXIOM program, golfers can learn how to get their bodies and arms moving correctly in under two weeks. That's a full week faster than previous BootCamps.

A foundation of skill that will last a lifetime

An intensive introduction to the AXIOM program, during the course of this LIVE BootCamp you'll learn everything you need to carry forward, even if you never take another lesson.

The best time to work on your swing

Get off on the right foot in 2022! If your resolution is to become a better golfer, then a January BootCamp is the perfect time to focus on new movements and make real progress.

What's inside the AXIOM Live BootCamp

  • 12 day program with (4) one-hour long, INTERACTIVE ONLINE LIVE Training Sessions on Tuesday evenings (8 pm US Eastern Time) and Saturday mid-day (12 noon Eastern Time)
  • You do NOT have to attend the Live Online Sessions, you WILL be able to watch the entire replay of each live session, On-Demand 24/7 any time you want, and for as long as you want.
  • Fastest, simplest way to learn a repeatable, consistent swing online using the AXIOM
  • You will receive a 22 page BootCamp Handout that will tell you exactly which movements to do and exactly how many times to do them - most past participants have told us this handout ALONE is worth the price of admission!

What Kind of Results Have Others Achieved?

Simply put, this LIVE BootCamp will TRANSFORM Your Swing, but don't take my word for it. Here's what others have said who have gone through the BootCamp:

"I am 72 y/o. I went from a 150 yd drive to a 210 yd drive before the DEAD Drill. Now I am hitting 230-240 yds with good control. Recently broke 80 for the second time. Exciting golf with less drama! Not near as much stress on the body."

- Michael

"Amazing Webinar learned so much and absolutely crushing the ball I cannot thank you enough! The release drill and understand the stability at impact has me hitting it 40 yards Further and it will only get better. Thanks Chuck!"

- Joe Carter

"Chuck, the BootCamp was fabulous, your instruction clear and the series answered my questions completely."

- David Jones

"I wanted to let you know that the BootCamp has been just fantastic. Going through this process and getting a roadmap with a number of drills to do and with a goal in mind has been just a phenomenal experience for me. After one session at the range, the crispness with which I was hitting my irons and hybrids was something that I'd only rarely experienced, yet this time day in and day out I've been hitting them solid and can feel the ball coming off of the club."

- Patrick Scribner

Full BootCamp Schedule

AXIOM BootCamp members will go through a total transformation into a ball-striking machine. You'll improve your swing before your own eyes.

(Literally, that's why we say to practice in front of a mirror.)

Here's exactly what you'll learn when you sign up:

Day 1

Setup & Lower Body Movement

You'll learn everything you need to know about stance and posture, including stance width and weight distribution. We'll also cover:

  • How to turn your body
  • How to rotate your shoulders
  • The ideal head position.

Day 5

How to release the club

On day five, we focus on how to create a free and natural swing. That includes:

  • How much grip pressure your hands need
  • How your wrists should feel at impact
  • Where to go after the finish of the release

We also cover the differences between being Trail Side and Lead Side.

Day 8

Compression Drills + Expanding the Swing

We start small and prioritize the way you move. When you join the BootCamp, you'll learn:

  • Proper hip position
  • How to slowly increase the length of your swing
  • Working up to a full swing in complete discipline

Day 12

Choosing Your Side, Completing the Swing, and Arm Movement

We have a lot to cover on the final day of the BootCamp. Members will learn:

  • Choosing between lead or trailside dominant, including the benefits of both options, and how to tell which one is right for you
  • How to properly rotate your club and arm
  • The optimal way to shift your weight as your body turns

Is the AXIOM Live BootCamp right for me?

The AXIOM BootCamp will help any skill level, whether you're a beginner or an advanced golfer.

It’s for ALL golfers who are frustrated because they know they can be better.

All it takes is consistency.

Our most successful BootCamp graduates often set aside at least 15 minutes a day for practice.

If you're ready to learn, and you want to see big improvements in your golf game, then this BootCamp is right for you.

BootCamp Package

  • (4) BOOTCAMP LIVE SESSIONS w/ Chris Tyler, Master Instructor $500 Value
  • (1) 1/2 Hour RotarySwing Academy: LIVE Event - Free Credit to use w/ any scheduled RSA:LIVE Event - $58 Value
  • 24/7 On-Demand Video Playback - $99 Value

Want to Shave 4 Strokes in a WEEK AND win your Club Championship like Dwain?

Want to be able to put a 3 iron back in the bag like Trevor?

Want to Make HUGE Changes Like Nolan?


No, but it definitely will improve your experience. There are many reference videos in your handout that you'll want to be familiar with and watch before each Live Session.

The goal of the boot camp is to teach you exactly how to perform the last golf drill you will ever do for the rest of your life. During the boot camp, you will perform approximately 1-2,000 repetitions. That's MORE than enough to become very proficient and skilled, but not quite mastered to the point that your brain will prefer to resort to the new movement pattern vs. your old one.

But that's not the point of the boot camp. I'm not trying to get you to master the movement, I'm trying to teach you exactly how to do it right so that shortly thereafter, you're able to perform the required remaining reps perfectly to master the move.

The boot camp is about simplifying everything. Imagine learning how to drive a car with 50 different random, conflicting tips from 20 different people. What kind of results do you think you could expect trying to learn like this.

The AXIOM is all about giving you the ONE drill, the ONE thing to focus on that will get you the exact results you're looking for in your swing, and literally fix every single swing flaw. It will take some time to master the nuances, just as anything worthwhile does, but imagine going from 50 tips to 1. From 50 swing thoughts to just 1. That ALONE makes this program worth it. You'll have one thing to focus on for the rest of your years playing golf and that makes what you're going to learn truly priceless.

Great question but the answer is simple and obvious - time. The instructors who do the live training don't work for free! They have to make a living, too, and so I have to pay them to do the training. And they've spent over 10 years training with me to know the RotarySwing better than anyone, so they are true experts and, as such, I pay them what they deserve because I value their time and expertise.

Absolutely not! As long as what you're being taught is the safest way for your body to move to prevent injury and abides by the laws of physics, the AXIOM will help dramatically speed up your learning and simplify your swing.

Now, if you are told something by your instructor that contradicts the AXIOM, then you simply need to ask him or her why they want you to do it that way? Do they know how what they're asking you to do will put you at risk for injury?

If they don't give you a satisfactory answer to these simple questions, you must immediately grab your clubs and run straight back to your car as fast as you can - without pulling a hammy!

But seriously, it's YOUR body, you have the RIGHT to question what someone is telling you to do with it! If you hear something that contradicts the AXIOM, speak up. It's your health at risk, so don't hesitate to always ask questions.

Yes! The boot camp involves 2 days per week of live, interactive training with an instructor, and the other 5 days you're practicing on your own doing exactly what is laid out for you in the curriculum (after signing up, an email will be sent to you containing the entire course program telling you exactly what to do, how to do it and how many times to do each move). If you want to make sure you're doing everything correctly while doing the drills on your own, you can purchase or use one of your existing swing reviews to get feedback from our team of certified RotarySwing instructors.

If you want to make the most of your time and be able to submit as many videos as you need for review, our Unlimited Review Groups (URG) are exactly what you're looking for. There, you can actually choose to have the exact same instructor review your swing who is also leading your boot camp. With our regular reviews, we can't guarantee the same instructor will do each review. To guarantee you're working with the same instructor every day, consider joining that instructor's URG if he or she has any spots available in their group.

Currently, the schedule is Tuesday evenings at 6 PM mountain time and Saturday mornings at 10 AM mountain time for the live sessions. But don't worry, if you can't make it to a live session, you can watch the replay immediately afterward for the remainder of the boot camp. After the boot camp is over, the videos will no longer be available for viewing.

While we hope you attend the live sessions, it is certainly not a requirement. It will be your chance to interact with the other members and the instructor, ask questions and even be chosen to have your swing reviewed live!

NO! Even if you attend a live session, you will NOT be on camera UNLESS you volunteer to share your live webcam feed AND the instructor chooses to show your video. Because we simply can't do these live types of reviews with everyone, the instructor will, at his or her discretion, allow for the student to share their webcam feed and help that student in real time.

Even if you aren't chosen you will likely get the same benefit as if you were because since everyone is working on the exact same movements and those movements are very simple, it's likely that you recognize your same mistakes in the student on screen and will be able to focus on how the instructor is correcting them. Being able to "see yourself in 3rd person" like this makes the learning process much easier as you can see how the student is making the mistake and make the required corrections yourself.

2 days per week for 2 weeks you will have a 1 hour long live training session with your instructor. The other 5 days of the week you will follow the curriculum that has been prepared for you - to the "T." ;-)

There are 6 very critical and specific evolutions of the drill that you will be walked through during the 3 week boot camp. Each of those evolutions will happen during your live sessions with your instructor who will walk you through the drills, step by step, while covering every critical checkpoint. The instructor will be doing the drills so you can see exactly what it should look like and explaining how to check your checkpoints for each movement.

This will take up the first half hour of the live session. Then, for the last half hour or so, the instructor opens the session up to live Q&A time where you can ask questions about what you just learned so that when the session is over, you know exactly how to do the drills perfectly. This is also when the instructor may open up the session to work with some members of the group live if there are volunteers with a webcam setup (we cannot try and support this feature as everyone's computers and webcams are so different and we're using 3rd party software outside our control to actually host the webinar).

Then, you are given homework (all spelled out for you ahead of time in your curriculum that gets emailed to you after signing up) to continue drilling these specific movements for about 30 minutes per day (don't worry, it's not a magic number! If you can only practice 10 minutes per day, as long as you practice exactly the way we teach you, then you will still make huge progress!).

Nothing! Well, obviously you need your phone or computer with internet access. The webinar runs in most any web browser (see technical requirements here) and so you only need to be able to see and hear the instructor. You DO NOT have to have a microphone (unless you want to speak in front of the group to ask questions instead of using the chat box) and you DO NOT need a webcam. You would only need a webcam if you want to have your swing displayed in front of the group to get live help from the instructor. However, don't rush out and buy a webcam just yet! We can't guarantee that you are chosen to get picked for a live video review but we will absolutely, do our best to get to as many as we can.

So, with the techy stuff out of the way, what else do you need? A golf club (even that's optional!) and a mirror - or some other way to see your reflection like a big window or sliding glass door. You MUST be able to see what you're doing in real time.


As we progress, the final week will culminate with you having the option to move into hitting balls with your new INCREDIBLE golf swing. We HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend you pick up some foam balls to practice with if you're going to be hitting balls indoors (again, totally optional, you don't have to hit balls at all, but you did need room to swing a club).

The link to register for the sessions will be sent to you via email as we get closer to your BootCamp start date.

In order to get the replay link, you will still have to register for the live session even if you don't plan to attend. This way you will be immediately emailed a link to the replay the moment the live session is closed.

In order to register for each live session, you will register via a link that will be sent to you via email closer to the start date of your BootCamp.

It will be emailed to you before the course begins so you have plenty of time to review it before the BootCamp starts.

Here Are Some Past BootCamp Before & Afters

Here's what Buffy had to say about the BootCamp:

"Hey, Chuck!  

BootCamp was amazing! Not that it matters, but I just want you to know my husband and I were in BootCamp together. We watched most of the webinars together, so I didn't log in. But I was there! I'm glad we both had our own memberships so we could watch and track at our own pace. 

I was looking for a way to jump start my swing since I was "done" with golf because after 20 years of reverse pivoting and going over the top, I was beyond frustrated! I didn't know until now what I was doing wrong, but most important of all, I NOW KNOW HOW TO FIX IT.... how to actually have a real golf swing! My husband and I are both super excited and looking forward to years of running around the planet playing golf together. Thank you!"

- Buffy Boulet

Best Top of the Backswing Improvement

James' improvement at the top of his backswing is HUGE, but actually quite simple to acheive. The BootCamp program walks you through learning how to use your big muscles to control the club rather than the finicky and weaker muscles of the arms, hands and shoulders.

Best Junior Golfer Swing

Your age doesn't matter when it comes to learning the AXIOM - young or old, you can build a tremendous swing anytime!