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Tired of working hard and not getting the results you deserve?

Then you need to experience the C4 Ballstriking Mastery Program for yourself!

What's C4?

C4 Delivers Explosive Results with its Research Proven 4 Phased Approach to Ball Striking Mastery Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Based on your performance scores, the system knows exactly what videos you need to watch next and when you're ready to move to the next step!

Never again will you wonder if you're working on the right thing or doing it the right way!

You'll see and hear the difference with C4 on the very first shots you hit! text in this area

The 4 C's are:

Consistency - the 5 fundamentals of consistent shots is what you learn in Phase 1

  • Control - shot shaping and trajectory control is simple and fast in Phase 2
  • Compression - crush the ball with effortless speed learning the proper sequence in Phase 3
  • Confidence - over each and every shot as you’ll know exactly where it’s going before you hit it in Phase 4

Each phase of the program builds on the last and gives you a simple follow along program with a custom number of repetitions and key checkpoints.

The number of reps is dependent on your performance and practice frequency so the system knows exactly when to move to the next phase.

Here's what you'll master in each Phase of the program:


Phase 1 - Achieve the exact same impact conditions as the pros for instant CONSISTENCY

Phase 2 - Learn how to properly release the club for effortless speed and CONTROL

Phase 3 - Learn the ideal sequence for effortless speed for COMPRESSION

Phase 4 - Put your swing on automatic by refining the swing to gain CONFIDENCE

Most important of all, you will SEE, FEEL and HEAR results on the very first day!

Our members were once just like you, standing on the fence trying to decide which online golf website to try next.

You have found the 'Holy Grail': The feel that produces the proper swing solely through a feeling.

Emil B. Switzerland

Sound too good to be true?

You should be skeptical because there's way more JUNK out there than ever before.

So, I'm going to make this a no-brainer for you and completely RISK FREE!

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Watch the video, take it to the course and see how well it works for you.

When you make radical improvements, you can thank me later!

You literally can't lose! All the risk is on me to deliver and if I don't, simply cancel your membership before your 3 day trial ends and you won't be out a penny!

But, I know you're going to love the AXIOM; you're going to pure more shots, hit it straighter and more consistent and pick up as much as 20 yards per club while making it easier on your body just like the thousands of members of RotarySwing before you.

Choose which plan works best for you below to start hitting the purest shots of your life today!

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Make improvements that last a LIFETIME!

Below is a screenshot of the AXIOM 3 Step Program. The QuickStart module is designed to get you up and running fast and seeing immediate positive results in your ball striking. As you pass Step 1, you will begin to refine your movements and build a rock solid foundation for a consistent and powerful swing that will last a lifetime.

As you click each tab, they expand to reveal our proprietary Body, Arms, Feel learning sequence that is the fastest way to learn a fundamentally sound golf swing. You'll also see AXIOM in the Pros where you can see this incredible movement in all the best players like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, Justin Rose, Jessica Korda and more!

I can't wait for you to test drive the AXIOM, it's going to blow your mind and I promise you, you've never heard or seen anything like it before!

You're going to love how fast the AXIOM will help you improve, just like these members:

*How Our Lifetime Money Back Guarantee Works

I admit to being a bit old school in my way of thinking. I believe that when you offer a service, you should back it up with more than just your word because talk is cheap to me.

When I turned pro 20 years ago, I started taking lessons from "top 100" teaching pros and found myself getting worse rather than better. And what was even worse, was that these coaches couldn't tell me why, and certainly didn't offer my money back if I wasn't satisfied.

That left a bad taste in mouth and left me with a beat up body and crappy swing.

I don't think that's how things should be done, but unfortunately, the world is becoming more and more like this everywhere you look.

Well, if you're old school like me and feel like someone is only as good as their word, then here's what I offer.

My program is 3 simple steps. If you pass each step, I guarantee you'll be more consistent or I'll give you every penny you've spent on your membership dues, period.

I'm here to make you a better golfer. If I don't, then why on earth should you pay me because clearly I stink at my job!

But, I've been doing online golf instruction longer than anyone, 16 years online, and no one has ever gone through the program and asked for their money back.

So, here's all you have to do to both improve your swing and "insure" yourself against any loss whatsoever.

You work on Step 1, you get a swing review by one of our Certified RotarySwing instructors. When you pass, you move on to Step 2. Rinse and repeat. Once you pass Step 3, I guarantee your swing will be better, you'll be hitting the ball more consistently or you can ask for your money back if you're not happy.


Just like the AXIOM.

You're going to get better, I guarantee it - for LIFE.

Chuck Quinton

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