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Tired of working hard and not getting the results you deserve?

Then you need to experience the C4 Ballstriking Mastery Program for yourself!

What's C4?

C4 Delivers Explosive Results with its Research Proven 4 Phased Approach to Ball Striking Mastery Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Based on your performance scores, the system knows exactly what videos you need to watch next and when you're ready to move to the next step!

Never again will you wonder if you're working on the right thing or doing it the right way!

You'll see and hear the difference with C4 on the very first shots you hit! text in this area

The 4 C's are:

Consistency - the 5 fundamentals of consistent shots is what you learn in Phase 1

  • Control - shot shaping and trajectory control is simple and fast in Phase 2
  • Compression - crush the ball with effortless speed learning the proper sequence in Phase 3
  • Confidence - over each and every shot as you’ll know exactly where it’s going before you hit it in Phase 4

Each phase of the program builds on the last and gives you a simple follow along program with a custom number of repetitions and key checkpoints.

The number of reps is dependent on your performance and practice frequency so the system knows exactly when to move to the next phase.

Here's what you'll master in each Phase of the program:


Phase 1 - Achieve the exact same impact conditions as the pros for instant CONSISTENCY

Phase 2 - Learn how to properly release the club for effortless speed and CONTROL

Phase 3 - Learn the ideal sequence for effortless speed for COMPRESSION

Phase 4 - Put your swing on automatic by refining the swing to gain CONFIDENCE

Most important of all, you will SEE, FEEL and HEAR results on the very first day!

Our members were once just like you, standing on the fence trying to decide which online golf website to try next.

You have found the 'Holy Grail': The feel that produces the proper swing solely through a feeling.

Emil B. Switzerland

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