What if You Only Had to Learn ONE Drill TO FIX EVERY ISSUE IN YOUR SWING?

Is that even possible? One simple drill and I can learn how to swing like pros? It's not just possible - it's happening with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of golfers around the world! Want to be the next success? 

"With the Dead Drill program I have got all the distance back that I thought that I had lost forever-8 irons-170 yards and one of my friends commented that he can't remember seeing me hitting the driver and irons as well as I did last week. At least 20 extra yards of straight yardage with the driver so far." - William Appleby Jr.

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Learn, step-by-step, how to build a tour caliber golf swing with the world's most advanced online learning system!

You'll learn:

  • One simple drill that produces incredible consistency faster than you ever thought possible!
  • Be able to instantly diagnose a bad shot and correct it, even in the middle of a round!
  • Learn how to make huge improvements indoors, without hitting a single ball!
  • Exactly what causes your over the top slice and how to instantly correct it!
  • The exact cause of every bad shot you hit!
  • How to practice to expedite your learning 10x!
  • The true secret to effortless power
  • How to build a "body-safe" golf swing based on medical research with our expert panel of neuro and orthopedic surgeons

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What is the DEAD Drill Learning System?

There's one thing we can't change in life when it comes to learning the golf swing - how our brains learn...

The science of learning is quite simple, our brains require repetition to learn a new movement...

If you're working on dozens of different "tips" or "swing thoughts" it will take years and years to become a good golfer...

But with the DEAD Drill online learning system we've been able to cut the learning time down to as little as a few weeks!!!

That's because the DEAD Drill is the only drill of it's kind - the entire golf swing is learned as one complete yet simple movement...

We break it down into 6 simple videos:

dead drill golf

Each video covers literally everything you truly need to know about each part of the swing in a simple way and in less than 8 minutes each.

Then, each video has supporting videos that allow you to deep dive and further understand key concepts about the swing such as pushing vs. pulling, creating club head speed and more.

There are over 300 additional reference videos that you can refer to at any time that you want a deeper understanding.

But the 6 core videos truly are everything you need!

Imagine that, a swing that is truly "tour caliber" and it can all be learned in your living room with just 6 short videos!

It's a revolution in golf swing learning and will be the best investment you ever make in your swing.

You will have more distance with less effort all while protecting your body from injury!

This Video Has Set the Golf World on FIRE !

Soenke Trzaska 4 days ago That was absolutely epic... 🙏  

 Jerry Lopez 4 days ago Wow. Just Wow!.. Chuck 🐐

Steve Miller 4 days ago Beyond Amazing! 

Squidly2112 1 day ago "As I said, I have not been able to play an 18 hole round this year, but, I was finally able to play 15 holes (due to darkness) with the guys I have been helping this year. Unfortunately, I was having a very good round when darkness fell upon us ... finishing up 15 holes at -5 !! ... and that was with starting the round with a bogie !!! .. yep .. 1 bogie &6 birdies in 15 holes !! ... not too shabby for a 56 year old guy who has to spend far too much time sitting at a computer (computer programmer) .. and there is no way I could have done this if not for continuing to practice my RST drills (DEAD drill mostly) when I have the time (which is pretty darned easy) Thanks Chuck !!! ... Once again, I owe all of my good golf to you !!! ... BTW, my coworkers think I am a golf God now and that I should be playing on tour .. hahahaha!!! .. that's funny! Keep up the great work Chuck !!! ... I will continue to support you until the end of time! ... you have the BEST golf instruction on the planet !!! .. absolutely bar none !!!" 

Now it's YOUR Turn!

As a member of RotarySwing, you'll learn the fundamentals that will transform your golf swing into something you never dreamed possible - and do so insanely fast you won't believe it, like Larry F. from Utah:

"Had to work and tweak feels but I can say that I feel I'm as close to hitting the ball the way I've always wanted and honestly never thought I could. I live in Utah and high altitude aside I am killing the ball, irons and woods. At age 51 and in three days after watching the YouTube instruction I have gone from hitting an 8 iron 165 to almost 190. Driver from 275 to 320. Having difficulty playing because i don't know my distances any more."

The END of Your Inconsistency - The Beginning of Your Best Golf

You've seen the drill, as a member you'll learn how to use the videos to master each checkpoint of the swing so you can self-correct in the middle of a round.

You'll no longer wonder what happened after a bad shot. The videos you'll have access to as a Premium Member will teach you what went wrong so you KNOW what happened and, more importantly, know exactly how to correct it on the very next shot.

"It's the Holy Grail of golf instruction." Ed M. 

  • INSTANTLY know what caused your bad shot
  • INSTANTLY know how to correct it, even in the middle of a round
  • Learn a tour caliber swing in the shortest time possible, the simplest way possible


Want to See How FAST You Can Transform Your Swing - All From the Comfort of Your Living Room?

Golf pro uses DEAD Drill to win Tour Championship

Who Am I?

About Me:

I’m getting a little ahead of myself, sorry, I just get excited talking about this because I’ve used this exact same sequence of drills to help more than 350,000 golfers get rid of their slice, learn to hit a draw quickly and easily and start finding the middle of the fairway. 

You see, RotarySwing.com is the oldest online golf instruction site on the net. I started it back in 2005 and we now have over 350,000 members just like you who wanted to learn how to become serious ball strikers. 

As many of you know, I played professionally for 8 years, was the teaching and playing pro at Castle Pines Golf Club where they played the International pga tour event and played to a +4 handicap.  

But more importantly, over the past 24 years of teaching this great game of golf that we all love, I’ve developed a systematic way to learning the secrets of how the pros swing the golf club. 

I used myself as a guinea pig in testing these methods and built a swing that not only got rid of my own slice, but produced several drives over 400 yards! 

In fact, my club head speed averaged 124 mph and peaked at 129 mph before a broken neck derailed my playing career. 

But my loss is your gain! Because without having to spend 8 hours a day working on my game, I spent that time developing the most advanced and effective teaching system on the planet!  

The Proof is in the Pudding

Many of you have probably seen my RoadShow videos on YouTube where I would take a random golfer I’d never met before, and in less than 60 minutes, I’d have them swinging like a pro, hitting positions they'd never even dreamed possible. 

This stirred up quite the buzz in the comments section with people saying I was the Einstein of Golf, the greatest instructor in the world, and my favorite, the Fernando Alonso of golf! 

But, I’ve got a confession to make. I’m nothing special. I was simply following the Rotaryswing 5 Step System to the T in each and every lesson! 

Yep, the exact same thing you can learn online for less than the cost of a sleeve of balls has people calling me the greatest instructor of all time! 

Here are just a few of the THOUSANDS of incredible compliments my lesson videos have received:  

From Zero to Hero

Get full access to this entire 2 hour lesson where I transformed this swing into a tour caliber move in just one lesson.

Shockingly Fast

This student fixed that big flying right elbow in just minutes using the 3 keys you'll learn inside my backswing video. 

Game Changer

This one video will completely transform your swing - and your mind - when you see just how fast you can make HUGE improvements following my 5 Step System.

What Can I Expect?

Expect the fastest way to learn how crush the crap out of the ball - that’s what! 

I love outdriving my buddies, so much so that I built an entire course around that very topic. This course takes you from wondering if you can get home in two to wondering if you can get home in two with a short iron

But before I get into that, let me tell you briefly what you get with the 5 step system. 

In a Word: RESULTS 

You see, there is a very specific sequence that you must follow in order to get the quickest results possible. That’s why my RotarySwing RoadShow lessons were so impressive, because I delivered dramatic swing changes, often in as little as 10 minutes. 

I didn’t do anything special, again, I just followed the sequence of the system. 

That’s the secret to learning the golf swing. Just like the swing itself, the answers you’ve been looking for lie in the sequencing. I’ve spent the past 24 years of my life perfecting this sequence until I arrived at the most efficient way to learn the golf swing possible. 

And then, I took it a step further and put it into a step by step, online learning platform that literally walks you through correcting every issue you’ve ever had with your swing. 

Hitting it fat? Covered in Step 1. 

Slicing? Step 3 will shallow out your swing instantly. 

Lacking power? Well, I used this exact same 5 step sequence to add 17 mph in clubhead speed to my own swing! 

The 5 step system leaves no stone unturned, from setup to your follow through and everything in between, you’ll be amazed at just how fast your swing transforms into something the golfers in your foursome are jealous of as you pump drive after drive 20 yards past them - and in the middle of the fairway. 

And best of all, it’s effortless! You’ve seen my swing, I don’t exactly look like I’m working hard do I? 

That’s because I’m not! When I was studying the physics of the golf swing so I could understand where speed really comes from, I found two little secrets that allowed me to hit the ball over 300 yards while feeling effortless.  

But I didn’t stop there because at the heart of RotarySwing is injury prevention. I struggled a lot in my younger years with back and hip pain because I learned how to play golf watching Jack Nicklaus Golf My Way VHS tapes. 

This gave me the classic reverse C follow through, and so much hip pain I went to see a doctor about it. 

By the time I was 31, a surgeon told me I needed a hip replacement. 

Say what? "I’m 31 man, you’re NOT cutting my femur in half, are you nuts?!"

It was at that moment I decided that unequivically RotarySwing had to be the safest way to swing the club in the world

I enlisted the help of some pretty special people to help me on this journey such as Dr. Brian Mckeon, the team doctor for the Boston Celtics. I got the help of Dr. Jeff Broker, a Ph.D. Biomechanist from the US Olympic Committee. 

I formed a medical advisory board to challenge my work on the swing, provide input from their expert medical perspective to ensure that my students could rest assured that this was the safest way to swing the club. 

So, the swing is powerful, it’s effortless and best of all, it’s designed to protect the joints. 

That alone separates RotarySwing from every other golf instruction method on the planet and enough to make it the best, but I didn’t stop there, either! 

You see, my undergrad degree is actually in psychology and it’s the learning aspect of the swing that interests me the most. 

It’s one thing to know what to do in the swing, but knowing HOW to teach someone how to do it is where the RotarySwing 5 Step System blows the doors off anything you’ve ever done before. 

I brought in NY Times best seller Dan Coyle to the mix. He wrote the book the "Talent Code" and the fundamentals of learning new motor movements he discovered in his research forms the basis for the RST 5 Step online learning system. 

So, we have the safest, most powerful and efficient to swing the club while leveraging the fastest way to learn a new movement pattern! Yes! 

That is what you get as a member of Rotaryswing!

A new swing, lower scores, less pain, more fun, faster learning - a new lease on life.  

Can You Afford to Risk It?

I get a lot of feedback from my premium members and there’s one recurring theme I hear continually - "Where were you 30 years ago?" 

Everyone who becomes a member wishes they had all this incredible information when they first picked up a club - heck I wish I had it 30 years ago, but I was just a in junior high so I hadn’t quite figured out the golf swing yet! 

The kicker is, while golf is a game for a lifetime, most don’t get to enjoy the game like they thought they would heading into retirement. 

Whether it’s injuries or just frustration with playing bad golf, everyone who joins wishes they had started using my 5 Step System years ago. 

I don’t want you to feel that kind of regret 5 or even 10 years from now.  

So, I’m going to make this simple - incredibly simple. 

I’m going to throw out a deal that you can’t refuse, it’s only for you so you can’t share this offer with anyone else because it’s not being offered to everyone. 

But you have to act within the next 48 hours to get this insane price.  

Let's Start Improving Right Now

Normally, a membership to RotarySwing is the most expensive membership of all golf instruction sites

We’ve been around longer than anyone else and have by far the best system in the world, and we demand a premium for it. 

But, I don’t want you to waste another second chasing random tips on YouTube or in magazines. 

I want you to get better, I want you to never be sore or in pain hitting a golf ball again and I want you to start crushing everyone in your foursome. 

So, our normal price is $47 /mo which is about $564 per year and we have thousands and thousands of members who think that is way too cheap because of the value RotarySwing provides. 

I agree with them, in fact, we're looking into increasing the monthly fee very soon.

But, I know you’re still on the fence. You’re thinking to yourself “Ya, but I can see all this stuff for free on YouTube?"  

Ever heard the saying “you get what you pay for”? There’s a reason that it’s a common phrase that people utter after wasting time chasing cheap stuff. 

RotarySwing isn’t cheap, heck, I charge $500 an hour for lessons and am booked out weeks in advance.  

That should tell you something. 


Silly me, I got so excited about this offer I'm giving you, that I forgot to mention the best part!

If you could take a golf lesson with your local pro and he guaranteed he'd improve your swing or he'd refund every penny you spent on lessons, you'd jump all over that, right?

Who wouldn't? I mean, a golf instructor who's willing to put their money where their mouth is would be worth his or her weight in gold!

But, alas, no golf instructor on the planet offers this because they simply can't guarantee improvement - until NOW!

That's right, I'm so confident you'll LOVE RotarySwing just like the hundreds of thousands of members before you, that I'm going to guarantee you'll get better if you follow my system, or I'll refund every red cent you spend on your membership!

BOOM! No other instructor in the world offers that because no other instructor can guarantee what I can:

You Are Going to Improve!

Let’s stop talking about how great your swing is going to be and let’s start DOING it. 

Once you sign up, you can literally start improving right now because all of the DEAD Drill Learning System drills are actually designed to be done indoors, in front of a mirror without hitting balls! 

That’s right, no more wasted trips to the range, sitting in traffic and sweating under the blazing sun. 

You can start learning to swing like a pro - in your living room!