Drop 5 Strokes Off Your Game by This Summer (Without Grinding Away on the Range)

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The LOWEST Scores of Your Life - This Summer!

How many times have you walked off a golf course, frustrated, defeated, and vowing to give up the game for good? If you’re anything like most people, I bet it happens more often than you’d like to admit. Inconsistent shots, chunks, slices, topped balls… No matter how much progress you think you’re making on your golf game, these issues keep cropping back up over and over again - no matter what you try. And often it seems like the hours you spend grinding on the range? Well, the worse things get. Not to mention the aches, pains and injuries that crop up because of it. It can often feel like a no win scenario, that’s even more frustrating because you know you have the potential to play great golf! Well, what if I told you there was a way to dominate your buddies on the course, while also eliminating the stress of pain and injury, that could have you off the course for months? That’d be pretty great, right?

Why am I Qualified To Teach This?

Hi, my name is Chuck Quinton. I’m a retired Professional Golfer, and I’ve devoted my entire life to studying, and teaching, the perfect golf swing. In fact, I’ve created the only golf swing system that is completely objective, free of personal preferences, and backed entirely by science, from some of the leading biomechanists, orthopedic and neuro-surgeons, and learning experts in the world. It’s called the RotarySwing system and since launching our website in 2005, we’ve had over three hundred thousand students successfully fix their golf swings, and go on to play the best golf of their life. Permanently. Well, for starters, you have to understand that it’s the only golf swing system that is rooted in the mechanics of learning. Have you ever wondered why those tips you’ve watched on YouTube, or gotten from you local club pro, never seem to stick? Well, for starters it’s because they’re usually bandaid solutions designed to mask the problem, rather than actually fix the problem. But more importantly, it’s because most instructors don’t understand the psychology behind learning. With RotarySwing we’ve created a repeatable training system that is built around how the brain learns - so what you practice will actually stick for the rest of your life. The RotarySwing system is built around our proprietary 5 step process that starts with very small, repeatable movements, and then stacks new movements on top of themselves once you’ve engrained them in your brain. So by the time you’re finished with the program, every single aspect of your golf swing from setup to follow through will feel like second nature, and have you playing the most consistent golf of your life. No matter what your issue is: a slice, hook, block, chunk, coming over the top - it doesn’t matter, RotarySwing will cure them all. And the best part of it is? You can do it without spending hours banging balls at the range, and you can practice these movements anywhere.

Join RotarySwing University

Introducing: RotarySwing University - The Only Science Backed Golf Swing System in the World

Today, I’m excited because I get to introduce you to the all new Rotary Swing University. Like I said, our community has been around since 2005, and we have transformed the golf swings of hundreds of thousands of golfers just like you. But I’ve spent the last 6 months of my life pouring over technology updates and psychology studies, to ensure that I’ve created a step-by-step course that makes it as easy and painless as possible to help you transform your swing. We’ve taken the exact same 5 step system, updated it with our new findings, and rebuilt the entire course from the ground up. The result? A streamlined system that will produce results quickly, while being as user friendly and as enjoyable as possible. I guarantee that this system will help you dramatically improve your golf swing this summer. I guarantee that it will lead to more confidence and fun on the golf course. And I guarantee that it will reduce injuries, aches and pains, and allow you to play the game safely for years to come. So because I’m so excited about it, and because this is the first time I’m releasing Rotary Swing University to the public, I’m going all out to make sure this is the single best thing you’ve ever done for your golf game.

Here's What You're Going to Get:

Complete Access to Our Rotary Swing University Training System and Library

This is the proven system that has helped hundreds of thousands of students transform their golf game, and create the best swing of their lives. 

  • Our step by step process will take you through the 5 part system, and you’ll never be left wondering “what’s next?” 
  • Dozens of drills you can practice anywhere (even the comfort of your living room) 
  • Support from our certified instructors who are experts in the RotarySwing methodology

LIFETIME “Best Swing of Your Life” Guarantee

I’m so confident that our system will help you start playing the best golf of your life that I’m putting my money where my mouth is.  

Introducing, our industry first, “Best Swing of Your Life” LIFETIME Guarantee  

If you join the University, complete the swing “checkouts” with a passing grade, and you still don’t think you’ve improved, I’ll promptly refund any money you’ve ever spent on your tuition here at RotarySwing University.  

"I have gone through the entire course, short of the programmed swing reviews, and I find it to be outstanding -- in its overall organization, its logical sequence of instruction, the full integration of its separate content items with the others, and the unparalleled excellence of its content in general. So much of other golf instruction is about isolated tips, which are generally good and make sense when one views them, but what is missing in them is the deliberate integration and insistence on seeing and feeling the proper moves and positions that only RotarySwing provides. Plus you always show the viewer not only what to do with regard to each particular aspect of the setup or the swing but also how and why to do it. That is, there's never any of "put the clubhead here" (as in much other instruction) without also the how and why to "put the clubhead here." So, congratulations, Chuck, on a job well done! You're the best!"

Dr. Pete Dahl, Emeritus Professor and Premium Member