RSA Members Have Dropped Up To 11 Strokes (Without even going to the range!)

The next 3 months will be the most transformative of your golfing life!

Do you know what's killing your golf game?  

I mean the thing that's really causing you the most harm?  

That one thing that's keeping you from achieving the golf swing of your dreams and pounding the ball miles off the tee is....  

Golf instruction.

Yep, the most detrimental component to all golfers is the thing that is supposed to be helping us!  

Have you experienced "bad instruction"?  

Have you gone to one instructor and been told one thing and then gone to another only to be told the EXACT OPPOSITE?!  

How on earth are you supposed to decide which is right?  

Worse yet, many golfers actually get injured from bad advice, I see it all the time.  

Today is the day we're going to set the record straight. I promise, once you through the RSA videos you'll NEVER consider any other golf method out there!

Throw Away Everything You Think You Know About Golf Instruction

Do you want to know the WORST way to practice golf?  

Start out by reading a bunch of random, conflicting band-aid type tips in a magazine.  

Or WORSE, watch a bunch of YouTube videos from random instructors - you'll get what you "pay" for!

Then, go to the course and start pounding dozens of golf balls at full speed while trying to make sense of your "tips".  

Sound familiar? You're not alone! This is how most golfers practice and it's a guaranteed way to FAIL.  

At Rotary Swing, we take a completely different approach that places the emphasis on fixing the root of the problem rather than cover it up with a "band-aid".  

A systematic, step-by-step approach was sorely missing in the golf world and RSA fills that void.  

The fastest way to improve at golf is actually at home.

Imagine walking onto the first tee 3 months from now and striping it 30 yards past your buddies and with laser straight accuracy.  

Imagine playing 18 holes and feeling REFRESHED rather than tired, sore and frustrated.  

You're much closer to this reality than you may realize.  

With Rotary Swing Academy (RSA) I've put together one complete package that supplements the regular Premium Membership.  

It takes my nearly 3 decades of work and puts it into a series of videos that will transform your understanding of the golf swing forever!  

You'll literally know more about the golf swing than ANY tour pro or instructor and know exactly how to improve your swing after watching just the first 4 videos in the RSA clinic.  

Here's what one of our RSA members had to say after signing up:  

"I've learned more about the golf swing in just one RSA video than I have in the past 40 years of taking lessons! Why every one isn't doing Rotary Swing is beyond me!" - Tom P.

Just How Good Do You Want to Get?

You know what that number represents?  

That’s the average number of greens in regulation I often hit during the time I was a Tour Pro.  


And I still couldn’t make it on tour after 8 years.  

This should tell you three things.  

1. I wasn’t a bad putter. I was a horrible putter.

2. I was one of the very best ball strikers out there.

3. RotarySwing WORKS!!

My time as a pro golfer was very enlightenting and gave me incredible insight into something that I would've never expected.  

I was surprised to see how many pros disappeared for weeks at a time.  

I assumed they were just taking some vacation time with the family but I learned there was actually a sinister side to their absense.  

They were injured.

I couldn't believe it, guys seemed to drop like flies.  

So, I decided to do a little research and found that 4 out 5 pro golfers will miss 8-9 weeks of play from a golf swing related injury according to the National Golf Foundation research!  

And these are the guys that are supposed to know how to swing the club safely!  

What hope did the amateur have?  

Very little - until RST

This revelation of all these injured pros around me helped shape Rotary Swing into what it is today - the SAFEST, most POWERFUL and EFFORTLESS way to swing the club.  

Injury prevention is at the very core of RST.  

In fact, I became so obsessed with it that I formed the RST Medical Advisory Panel.  

This is a group of surgeons, biomechanists and learning experts.  

Their medical expertise and guidance impacted every single part of RST because I wanted to make sure that my students could play golf pain free for LIFE.

As a team, we carved and shaped Rotary Swing until we were all happy that there was no better way to swing a club.  

The end result: golfers from all over the world travel to my golf academy at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, FL to have me fix not just their golf swings, but the pain associated with it!  

I've seen just about every golf swing related injury under the sun - multi-level spinal fusion (I'm fused at C1-C3 from a biking accident, so I'm not just the president, I'm also a client ;-), hip replacements, knee replacements, shoulders, rotator cuffs, bad elbows, blown out wrists, you name it, RotarySwing has seen it.  

If you have some soreness after a round of golf, you need to pay close attention - it's not going to get any better until you STOP what you're doing and make a CHANGE.  

And that's what the RotarySwing Academy is going to do for you - completely change your golf swing for the better!  

I've devoted my life to helping people hit the ball farther, more consistently, but my feather in my cap is helping golfers do it pain and injury free so we can all enjoy the game we love so dear for a lifetime.  

After thousands of hours of work, I'm finally ready to introduce the world to RotarySwing Academy.

Private Instruction on Your Terms

Did you know we have members that have been with us since 2005?  

That's a LONG time in this fast fix, internet driven, short attention span world we live in now.  

Why have they been with RotarySwing so long?  

1. I’ve been able to earn their trust and build a relationship with them because I CARE. 2. Rotary Swing simply works. 3. We're a family run business, my wife Christina does all the customer service. 

Clearly, we've been doing something right with over 350,000 members ;-)  

But, I had requests from members wanting just a bit more:  

  • You wanted more direct access to our Certified RST Instructors
  • You wanted to get personalized and quick feedback utilizing our Online Swing Analysis tool
  • You wanted to be able to work on your swing, whenever, wherever (including a restaurant bathroom - you know who you are!).
  • And the thing that surprised me most? You wanted a more interactive experience, and to be able to follow along with me as I talked you through each and every movement of the swing.  

After reading thousands of emails and listening to all your feedback, I wanted to give you everything you guys asked for, and more!  

And you know what? I couldn’t be more proud to say that I’ve done just that.

Introducing: RotarySwing Academy

The Most Interactive, Hands On Digital Golf Experience in the World

 So clearly I’m excited about this, but what is it exactly?  

RotarySwing Academy is designed to be the most inclusive, advanced, and personalized golf training you’ve ever experienced.  

If you’re dedicated to improving your golf swing, and want to make it happen as soon as possible - then the RotarySwing Academy is tailor made just for you.  

Why is it such a killer opportunity? Let me show you what’s included.

My Entire Rotary Swing Clinic

During the winter months, I host a handful of intimate setting clinics for a small number of students where myself and my instructors work hands on in and intensive two day course. It's like a RotarySwing baptism and it's transformational for every single student.  

For the past 10 years, I've sold out every single one.  

This testimonial from Kerry N. says it all:  

"I'd like to send my thanks for your time and effort during this past weekend's clinic. You were very effective in the delivery of your information and I definitely connected with the elements of Rotary Swing Tour. Your passion for helping golfers improve shows in your dedication to these concepts, your professional approach to improving your craft and the way you interact with your students. I'm extremely excited about applying your "absolutes" to my swing ..... my days of tinkering are over“  

But these clinics aren’t cheap, at $3,000 per person plus travel expenses, the total cost quickly adds up to $5,000.  

I respect the fact that not everyone can afford a weekend like this but I was frustrated that I couldn't share all this incredible information with all my students.  

Enter RotarySwing Academy - The entire RST clinic - online in videos.  

And what’s so great about the Clinic compared to a traditional RST membership?  

I go MUCH DEEPER on every aspect of the swing, from how the brain learns all the way to the follow through. It's an immersive experience that will take you months to digest all the information. In fact, there are over 5 hours of information!

Before today, to get this game changing experience and deep dive into my brain about the golf swing you'd have to spend all this money to fly to Florida and take a weekend away from your family.  

With RSA, not only do you not have to leave the comfort of your living room, but I'm going to save you THOUSANDS in the process!  

You'll save on airfare, hotel, rental car, eating out and wasting your money on more crappy golf lessons!  

Not to mention all the balls you're going to stop losing!  

But what about all the hands on teaching at the clinics?  

Yes that's a part that can only be reserved for those attending the clinics in person.  

But don’t sweat it, we came up with an ingenious solution.

The Best Swing Coach - in Your Living Room

I've spent more than a decade training other instructors how to teach the Rotary Swing and let me tell you, I don't take it easy on them!  

Just to get their foot in the door requires 3 months of study and passing a 120 question exam with a score 90% or higher.  

And since I demand that they be the BEST instructors in the industry, the test is HARD! 70% fail their first try. 30% of those NEVER pass the exam and never get Certified.

These guys have learn far more than swing mechanics. They have to learn anatomy, biomechanics and even neuro-mechanics.

Ask your local pro what he knows about any of those topics and prepare yourself for a blank stare.

The benefit to you is that when you work with one of our Certified RST instuctors, you know you're getting the very best of the best.  

And with RSA, you don't have to leave your home to work one of them!  

As a RotarySwing Academy member, I'm including 2 free swing reviews per month (it's actually slightly more than that - we give you a free review every 2 weeks for a total of 26 per year, but note that they don't stockpile, so use them or lose'em!).  

And I'm paying them for it out of my own pocket. I want to ensure that when you join RSA that you make huge improvements and achieve your golfing dreams.  

So, as long as you maintain your normal Premium Membership, you'll get a free swing review by the best instructors in the business every two weeks - FOR LIFE!!!!  

Do the math on that one!  

If you took a golf lesson with your local pro (who can't even spell biomechanics) every two weeks for just one year at $50 per hour, that would cost you $1300 in just the first year. Do it for the next ten years and you're up to $13,000!!!  

RSA is not only going to help you far more than working with your local pro, but at a FRACTION of the price!  

Perhaps the best part of the RSA program is that you literally never have to leave your house to improve your swing.  

Every single drill can be done indoors and, in fact, our instructors prefer that you submit videos of your drills so they can ensure you're doing the drills correctly before you worry about hitting balls.  

After all, if you're not doing the drills correctly in your living room, what chance do you have doing a new movement correctly, at full speed with that little white demon in the way?

As if that wasn't enough already...

Just the clinic content (over 5 hours of videos alone!) and the free swing reviews is a value well into the many thousands of dollars.  

But with RSA, I wanted to really go above and beyond. I wanted this to truly be the BEST golf swing learning program ever created.  

And I used your feedback to come up with something never before done in the golf industry.  

A P90X style follow along program specific to learning the exact same RST movements I teach in the hands on portion of my golf clinics but that can be done in the comfort of your own home!  

These videos have been a HUGE hit with our RSA members because it takes all the "thinking" out of it.  

Load the video, hit play and do exactly what I'm showing you to do as I perform the movements with you.  

I walk you through each movement, tell you what to feel, what to see in the mirror and give you little nuggets of info while you're doing the movements with me that will help the golf swing and the "secret" moves of the pros come to life in your own swing!  

And the only way to get access to it?  

Through RotarySwing Academy.  

Want to see a video of this program in action? Check it out:

There are currently 10 of these videos in the RSA Cheat Sheet program (one is an intro video not listed below):

Core Rotation - Left Arm - Add Club

This is the original RSA follow along video and it was a HUGE hit! The reason? It covers the 3 main things that ALL amateur golfers struggle with. Learning how to power the swing with your trunk instead of your arms, how to integrate your left arm into that movement, and combining the club and left arm together in one perfect golf swing.

If you struggle with over the top, too much hit from the top, losing lag, no power and sequencing the swing, this one program will help you make HUGE strides in your swing.

Power Release Program

This is what it's ALL about! The release is the most fun, most exciting part of the golf swing. It's the big payoff for all the hard work you put into making a perfect backswing and elegant weight shift.

See that extension in my arms? That's what you'll look like as I walk you through what a pro release feels like and the speed that comes from it! Good bye chicken wing, hello effortless club head speed!

9 to 3 Program

NOTHING is more important to mastering the golf swing than perfecting the movements that you do through the hitting area. This is exactly what this program teaches you. Every single position, feeling and movement into impact and the release.

If you had to do just one drill for the rest of your life, this is it. You will learn how to post up like a pro and you'll be shocked how well you start compressing the ball with such a compact swing, and you'll be pleased to find the full swing is little more than adding a little more turn to this drill.

Heavy Club Program

For most of us, being right handed means our left hand isn't very strong or coordinated. As you know, the left hand controls the club face and is responsible for your impact conditions, which at the end of the day, is all that matters. That means your left hand is extremely important to you being a consistent and powerful ball striker.

This program will help you develop the strength and coordination necessary to play elite level golf while reinforcing the training of the left hand - a win-win!

Overspeed Program

Want more club head speed? Then this is for you! This is part of the program I developed and used myself to take my average club head speed from 112 mph to 124 mph in two months. Boosting your club head speed is mostly about swing mechanics, but once your mechanics are solid, you have to literally "teach" your muscle cells to fire faster.

This program follows the proven principles of "overspeed" to do exactly that. Most students pick up between 5 and 10 mph following this program.

The Whole Kaboodle (Full Swing Program)

Want to learn how to put ALL the pieces together in one program? Then my Whole Kaboodle program is what you're looking for. This is for those that have the major pieces of the swing developed already and want to take it to the course as one full swing drill.

This is a culmination of all your work. I take you from setup to the perfect backswing all the way to the follow through. It's really for "glueing" all the pieces together into one beautiful, effortless move.

My Consistency Routine

I've read literally thousands of emails from all my members and the one thing people want more than anything else is consistency. This is the exact routine I use that builds on everything you've learned to groove your swing before a round of golf or just when things get a little off.

I reinforce the checkpoints and feelings so that you will make better compression, have complete control over the club face and trajectory of each and every shot. Solid and consistent contact will be your reward.

Master the Transition Program

Show of hands, how many of you struggle with the transition? Well, no more after working through this sequence of movements. Do this program for 30 days and your transition will be as good as any golfer in the world. 

The trick is the sequence in which you practice the movements and where your focus lies. This program is about making you focus on the movements that really matter like weight shift and core rotation, so you stop worrying about that darn club and little white devil!

Shallow the Club Program

Do you swing over the top and struggle to drop the club "into the slot"? Want that look of the pros where the hands drop straight down instead of working out toward the ball and steep?

This program will teach you how to shallow the golf club like the pros so you can approach the ball from the inside and get rid of that banana slice forever! You'll discover a completely new feeling to the swing that will free you up to release the golf club as hard as you want, giving you more speed AND control!

Join Rotary Swing Academy Now

I can sit here and say all sorts of great things about RST, our trainers, and our detailed Academy package I’ve put together, but it means much more coming from people who have actually experienced it.

“I’ve spent thousands of dollars on private golf lessons to try and help issues with my weak back. After starting your trainings I’m absolutely amazed and thankful to report that my back issues are gone! Thank you so much!

- Carey S.

“Guess what, I just won my first competition of the year with 40 points of an 8 handicap! I love the way you break everything down and I’m looking forward to continuing to work on my swing through the winter using your program.”

- Billy B.

“Just wanted to say how awesome your approach to the swing is. It’s honestly the greatest thing I’ve ever tried for my own swing. I applied everything I’ve learned and went out and shot my best score in 2 years. I’ve always had too many swing thoughts and what I did today with your help was incredible - I could hit it anywhere I wanted! Thanks!” 

- Randy B.

“Please pass on to Chuck that his instruction style is engaging, informative and easy to follow. I've played and struggled for a long time and now by following the 5 step and drills , I have finally discovered how a golf swing is suppose to "feel"! The program is awesome if you are prepared to put in the work.”

- Mark S.

I have taken lessons from various PGA professionals (in 20 years of golfing) and I now have a better understanding of the golf swing than most of them; for sure all of my past instructors. I really do not know how to thank Chuck for what he has taught me in golf, except to tell anyone that is interested in golf to check out your website. I really feel that Chuck should be placed in the Golf Hall of Fame for the best instruction in golf.

- Caleb H.

“I have been with RotarySwing for about 3 years now and this year has has been my most productive, best, enjoyable year of golf for me. I hit the ball farther, better and more consistent than ever before. My index has gone from a 11.5 to a 7.1 (single digit for 9 months) this year alone and since joining RST, a 16.0 to 7.1. Because of Chuck, I have had many firsts for me: 14 GIR's, 25 putts, 5 birdies, 14 fairways (4 times) in one round. The best part is I feel that I am just starting to apply all that RST has to offer and have a long way to go. I just turned 65 this year, so to do this at this age is just the best!"

The Best Swing of Your Life Guarantee

You have a lot of choices when it comes to golf instruction - but you've already been down that long, frustrating road that leads to no where.  

We want you to get better, nothing gets us more excited than when we see the light bulb go off after someone learns just how amazing and unique the Rotary Swing approach is to the golf swing.  

We know you're going to be happy, but we want you to figure that out for yourself - risk free.  

If you're not happy, I'm not happy. If you decide RSA isn't for you within the first 14 days, simply let us know and we'll give you a FULL REFUND.

No questions asked. Period. End of story.

What have you got to lose? You're either going to become the ball sriking machine you always wanted to be or you're going to get all your money back.  

It’s that simple.

Join RST Academy Now

Bonus TODAY ONLY: RST Online Learning Course

Join RST Academy Now

FREE BONUS!! In order to become a Certified RST Instructor, you have to study this very long, very in depth book I wrote called the RST Level 1 Certification Manual. This book is geared toward instructors but I've sold thousands to regular golfers like yourself. With RSA, I took the time to create a new, interactive digital version that not only includes every single chapter from the actual book, but reworked it into the ultimate amateur golfer learning tool. The feedback for this has been AMAZING! While it took me months to write it, it will take you weeks to read it - there's a LOT of very important information in there. Information that you've never heard before but once you read it you'll say to yourself, " Ya, that makes complete sense, why doesn't everyone teach this?!" And it's yours as a bonus if you sign up today, just my little way of saying thanks for joining RSA and one more way that I can ensure your success with the program!

One More Time: What’s Included

RST was designed to help you create a more consistent golf swing, hit the ball farther, and reduce injuries.  

This Academy will help you achieve that goal as quickly and as easily as possible, with a much higher level of service and touch points in the process.

If you join RST Academy today, you’ll get:  

  • 26 Swing Reviews from our Certified Trainers
  • My entire $3,000 Live Clinic
  • My “Follow Along” Video Course
  • Today Only: The RST Learning Course
  • Priority access to our inbox to get answers fast
  • Best Swing of Your Life Guarantee
  • Many more years of enjoyable golf, without the injuries.
  • Honestly, I have no idea how long I’ll be able to offer this exact package.

The swing reviews alone are such an incredible offer that we can physically only handle so many new members this go around.

If You Don’t Join Rotary Swing Academy…

Where will you be this time next year if you pass on this opportunity?  

Can you really afford not to?  

You're likely to be frustrated, injured and out a bunch of money from wasted lessons, lots of lost balls and chiropractic bills.  

Don't let your golfing buddies keep getting the best of you and don't think you can just buy a new set of clubs to fix your swing flaws.  

The only thing that will make you into the golfer you want to be is learning how to move your body correctly.

Stop giving the club manufacturers your money. They don't care about your game they just want to sell you another $400 driver.  

This golf season, invest in YOU.  

Teach your body how to move correctly using RSA and the club will go where you want it to, in turn, sending the ball where you want it to go - it's that simple.  

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, you can learn RST anywhere, anytime.  

Your golf game is about to get EXCITING!

You're this close to being the golfer you always dreamed.  

Let’s build you the best swing of your life backed by the best swing guarantee in the business. I’ll put in the work if you will.

See you on the other side,

If You're Not Happy, I'm Not Happy If you don't like RSA within the 14 day trial period, simply email us for a full refund! 100% GUARANTEED, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  

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