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C4 - Learn The 4 "C's" Of Golf
Consistency, Control, Compression & Confidence

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Cure My Slice...

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Get More Distance

Swing Trainers, Weighted Clubs, Weights and You've Gained NOTHING!

Pure Ball Striking

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The Good News Is There Is A REMEDY For ALL Of That And MORE!

Let Me Ask You This...Who Do YOU Think The GOAT Is?

(Greatest Of ALL Time)

Some say it's Tiger Woods.

Some say Jack Nickalus

Some believe it's Bobby Jones

And some will say Byron Nelson

The TRUTH Is.........There Is NO Real Answer......But guess what?!

It Doesn't Matter Because They ALL DID ONE THING Better Than EVERYONE!

The Greatest Players In The History All THREW The Club From The Top!

Now hang on because I already know exactly what you're thinking.....

Chuck, almost every single video, instructor and training aid out there in the HISTORY of golf instruction tries to make sure you are NOT throwing the club from the top! Why in the world are you telling me it's exactly what the greatest players in the game actually DID!!??

Because there's a RIGHT and a WRONG way to do it! If you're doing it the RIGHT WAY, you INSTANTLY gain more distance, more control and your ball striking abilites instantly improve by 100%!

We've all seen Tiger swing the club...but have you ever wondered what it would feel like to actually HIT a ball like Tiger? The sound it makes at contact, the way it hisses through the air. That feeling everyone has had at least once in their life when they hit one so pure you can barely feel it leave the club face!

You spend your whole life chasing that feeling and that's what leads you down 100 different paths, drills and instructors. The problem is you can't ever replicate it with any kind of consistency!

Why? Because you're being taught everything complicated under the sun EXCEPT that in the end has NOTHING to do with the part that actually GETS YOU THERE!

How many swing plane drills, connection drills, take away drills, lag drills, downswing drills, hip rotation drills and I could go on until this whole page is filled up with the drills you've probably done and NONE of them have taken you to where you want to be in your game. If they had, you wouldn't still be looking!

There's a REASON and it's as simple as you're just not being taught what the greats REALLY did! I'm not saying it's on purpose, most instructors truly want you to get better and they believe they really are helping, but they can't teach what they don't truly UNDERSTAND! I've spent my WHOLE LIFE studying the golf swing and I'm talking about to the level of Biomechanics......and you know what I found? It's SO much simpler than everyone thinks!

So What Makes "The GOAT Code" So Good? ....It WORKS!

From this point on I want you to REMOVE every swing thought and idea you've ever had when it comes to the golf swing......because there's only FOUR that really matter! With that simple adjustment, we've simplified what's going through your mind. Do NOT discount that simple adjustment because it's MASSIVE! When you KNOW you're ONLY focusing on the right things, your mind can stay calm and well know keeping the mind quiet is a HUGE part of playing great golf.

From this point on, The ONLY four things you will ever concern yourself with again are:


And guess what.....

They ALL Fit Together Like A Glove!

When you first start The GOAT CODE, you're going to INSTANTLY see a difference in compression. The way the ball explodes off of the club face. The way it SOUNDS when you strike it. The way it FEELS to truly strike the ball with intention and SPEED! This alone is going to put you in a different class of player.

When you learn to compress the ball properly, you INSTANTLY gain more control over your shots. How? Think about it. In order to compress the ball like the greatest ball strikers do, you MUST have control of the club face. Guess what happens when you have control of the club face? That's right, you now INSTANTLY have better ball control!

Where does consistency come from? The ability to do the right thing over and over again. And where do we get that in the golf swing?

You guessed it, by having more control!

And where again does control come from again?

By having the club face in the right place, which is what gives you the COMPRESSION that the greatest ball strikers all have.

So by DEFAULT.....

Compressing The Ball Properly = More Control = Consistency= CONFIDENCE

There's not a single person who's ever picked up a golf club that would not build a MOUNTAIN of confidence in their game if they had compression, control and consistency in their ball striking.

Now the BEST part. Remember when I told you there's only 4 things that really matter in a golf swing?

Well THREE of those come by default when you do ONE THING right!

That ONE thing? Getting your club face in the right place to compress the ball the way it was meant to be. THIS is The GOAT CODE and it's EXACTLY what you're going to learn.

Take A Look At Some Videos Of Current Students:

I could a make fortune selling every training aid under the sun, but the fact is almost all of them DO NOT HELP YOU get consistent results. I want to truly help YOU get where you want in your game and you're about to see a laundry list of people who will tell you that's exactly what I've done for them.

Why is my focus so strong on making sure you get results instead of pushing rehashed systems and training aides? Because when YOU take the results you get to the course and your game begins to speak for itself, people are going to ask where the massive improvement came from.

Of course at that point, you have a choice....

You can keep it to yourself and keep taking their money on the course OR you can tell them how I was able to

help you get there.

We're Now Helping Each Other!

Results From Students Who Have Joined This Program?...

But Chuck.....Those numbers don't show me 100% improvement by everyone who's gone through it....why?

Would you REALLY believe me if they all said 100%? Absolutely not and you'd be right. I want to give you REAL results and no matter what it is, 100% of the people who do something will NOT put the effort in to GET IT RIGHT!

Those are the ones who like the "idea" of it more than the effort it takes to get it. Those who have DONE the work are the ones who SEE the results! You're here because you want to play better golf and I can tell you with 100% confidence, if you DO what I tell you to, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT!

The Bottom Line Is If You're Ready To TRULY Improve Your Golf Game...

You've FOUND What You've Been Looking For!

But we're not done yet.... you're about to see is something that NOBODY ELSE has!


You're going to know EXACTLY what you should be working on WHEN you should be working on it and then it will TELL you when you're ready to move on to the NEXT part.

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